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An article appeared in The New York Times last week about two tech bloggers who blogged themselves to death...or so Matt Richtel, the author, would have you believing. Russell Shaw, age 60, died of a heart attack; Marc Orchant, age 50, died of a massive coronary. May they rest in peace. But unlike Matt Richtel, it is my belief that wherever Russell Shaw and Marc Orchant may find their "heaven," I will bet with you, they are blogging about the newest heavenly gadget or exposing heaven's gaffes.

Just recently retiring from a similar sweatshop business -- court reporting -- I know what it's like to work 12-hour days, I know what it's like to work out of a home, I know what it's like to be paid by the piece -- not garments or blog posts, but pages. The more pages I wrote in the years a deposition or a hearing, the more money I made. Yes, it beat me up physically. As a result, I have bulging discs at almost every level of my spine. Yes, it beat me up emotionally. There were times that I couldn't hold back tears when a child of two would testify in terms more graphic as to how her uncle molested her. But if I had the chance for a do-over, would I take it? No. I was as passionate about court reporting as I am about life, as I am about blogging.

I am sure Russell Shaw and Marc Orchant spent too much time blogging and not enough time taking care of their health, and if they had a chance for a do-over, I am sure they would try to find a better balance in life, but in death, as a result of their passion, their spirit lives on.

Summer and Spring Scent: Zents Fresh Eau de Toilette Spray

picture of Zents Fresh, an apple, a cucumber, and flowers

As an aficionado of clean, crisp, light scents, I spend a lot of time sniffing my way through spas, boutiques, and department stores. While on vacation in Boca Grande this week, I fell in love with a light spring and summer scent --($50).

Even as I write this post, the crystal clear bottle of Fresh is snuggled next to my laptop, taking the spot usually reserved for the Haute Dog, Bentley the Beagle. According to this month's Prevention magazine, "We all have a cache of fragrant memories stored in our brains, and just a whiff of a special scent can evoke a happy, magical moment."

No doubt, my brain is part of the magical equation, but the top notes of cucumber and green apple, with linden and heliotrope equal a heavenly fragrance that is soft enough for a baby girl to wear and feminine enough for a woman to wear. As a matter of fact, Fresh was inspired by the birth of Zents Co-Founder, Michelle Nemcek-Lobo's baby girl, Ava Sophia. In celebration of her birth, Fresh was created to elicit happy thoughts of a newborn baby girl.

Although Fresh is pure, innocent, and energizing worn alone, many people layer with two or three other Zents fragrances to create their signature scent. Zents originally created signature scents for celebs before offering their products to the public. Each of the ten modern fragrances -- Mandarin, Earth, Fig, Fresh, Ore, Petal, Pear, Sun, Oolong, and Water -- were created to be layered and wearable by every woman or girl, so Zents created very gentle, not overpowering scents.

While trying to capture the photographic essence of Fresh at the pool yesterday, my newly found octogenarian gang inquired as to why I was swimming with a perfume bottle, flowers, a cucumber, women, and an apple. After reporting that I was writing about Zents scents, they all wanted a Fresh sniff. All that sniffing and spraying caught the attention of a 30-something crowd, so they, too, sniffed and spritzed. Although the octogenarians were less than enthusiastic about Fresh, the 30-something girls were gaga over the scent.

If you like some of my other clean, soft, and light favorites -- Philosophy's Amazing Grace, CLEAN's Fresh Laundry, Kai, or Jessica McClintock -- you will love-love Zents' Fresh!

What is your favorite spring/summer scent? Drop me a line and let me know.


Secret To Sunless Tanning When You Have Age Spots Or Freckles

From the brown streaks to the stains in my bathroom to the orange skin that clashed with my pale pink dress, I have had my share of sunless tanning catastrophes, but through trial and error, I finally discovered the secret to sunless tanning when your skin is stippled with age spots or freckles. Aging gracefully is a work in progress, but tanning gracefully has never been my forte.

Before a trip to the beach a few years ago, I opted for the mist-on tan at a salon. A newbie in this department, I suffered comically embarrassing difficulties with the button inside of the booth. I inadvertently pushed the button twice and ended up with a double dose of dihydroxyacetone. By the time I reached my tropical destination, I looked like an angry Jackson Pollack abstract painting -- a collection of spasmodic splotches of brown and white.

Having arrived in Florida last week with skin as white as the snow that I left behind in the Midwest, I needed a little tanning oomph. I performed the requisite skills of an experienced sunless tanner: Before bedtime, I shaved and exfoliated until I had less scales than the indigenous Floridian crocodiles, and then I carefully applied Glow Fusion Micro Nutrient Face and Body sunless tanner (Sephora $58).

picture of Glow Fusion micro nutrient

GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Face & Body Natural Protein Tan: What it is: A revolutionary new self-tanning technology that delivers your perfect shade of sun-kissed glow. The first ever clear, all natural, fast drying, odor-free, self-tanning mist. No odor. No streaking. No staining. No kidding. What it is formulated to do:Breakthrough micro-nutrient technology delivers a potent blend
of vitamins and powerful antioxidants to boost skin's inherent, sexy, "lit-from-within" luminosity. The pure, natural sugarcane-derived formula works with your skin's natural keratin proteins to create your perfect, customized shade of glow -every time, all the time. GlowFusion™ is completely odor-free, stain-free, and streak-free. The crystal clear mist dries immediately, evenly, beautifully, perfectly. What else you need to know: Lasts up to two weeks without fading. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types. Will not stain fabric. Available in two formulas: light and medium.


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